In 2008 the alumni students of 2002 to 2007 batch of Bangalore University History dept. started a forum called ‘Spandana Itihasa Vedike’. Initially this forum engaged in a series of academic debates and discussions along with the publication of a quarterly journal as an experimental venture. During the inaugural ceremony of this forum “Itihasa Darpana” journal was released by freedom fighter Shri H.S Doreswami. Subsequently the forum participation and activities dwindled due to various reasons. However, the editorial team under the leadership of Rajesh H.G.  continued the publication of ITIHASA DARPANA. During this period the Itihasa Darpana filled a niche as an unique Journal on History apart from “Charitre Adhyayana” of Kannada University Hampi. It provided a platform for young history students initially but gradually started attracting the experts and academicians across Karnataka. Today Darpana acquired unique place among the academics and contemporary historical research and dissemination which is happening in Karnataka.


  • Promotion of new discoveries, unique analysis, new thought process  and research methods and nurturing good research articles which cherishes curiosity of history among the students.
  • Bringing senior and junior scholars on single platform.
  • Providing opportunities for the publication of good research articles Especially for M.Phil and PhD students.
  • Filling the space of a good historical studies journal, which is out of Vacuum in Karnataka.
  • Promoting qualitative research in history.

​In the past 12 years (2021) Darpana has produced 47 issues. Scholars from across the country and abroad have immensely contributed by writing nearly 450 plus articles. 7 issues among 47 were published as special issues.

Special Issues

  • On the occasion of Krishna Devaraya’s 500th year of Coronation, a special issue titled, ‘Krishnadevaraya and Vijayanagara Samrajya’ has been brought under the guest editorialship of scholar A.L. Narasimhan.
  • In the memory of the 475th year of foundation of Bengaluru, a special issue has been edited under guidance of Archaeologist and Historian S.K Aruni as ‘Namma Bengaluru’.
  • In the memory of 150th year of foundation of Archaeological survey of India, an issue has been brought and edited by S.K. Aruni and Rajesh H.G, titled as ‘Karnatakadalli Puratatva adhyayanagalu’.
  • 25th issue of Itihasa Darpana marked with special issue emphasizing on the source of Tippu Sulthan entitled as ‘Hydarali mattu Tippu Sulatnarige sambhanditha dakhale’ with Manu V. Devadevan as an editor.
  • On 50th year birth anniversary of our mentor,  S.K. Aruni, a special issue was published, titled ‘Parishodha: Karnatakada kale, vastushilpa mattu puratatva kuritada hosa shodanegalu’.
  • In the memory of 10th anniversary of ‘Itihasa Darpana’ marked with special issue emphasizing on the New Trends of Karnataka History entitled as ‘Karnataka Itihasada Hosa Ayamagalu’


  • UGC CARE List Journal
  • It is the the only successfully running  Kannada Historical Journal from past 10 years
  • Has unique ISSN number N: 2321-3590 and is a peer review journal with a lot of credibility among academicians on history in Karnataka.
  • Darpana aides research students  across Karnataka

Editorial Committee

* Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi, Associate Professor of History, Krea University, Sri City, Andra Pradesh.
* Manu V. Devadevan, Associate Professor, IIT Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.
* Shobha V. Associate Professor, Mysuru University
* A. B. Vaggar, Assistant Professor,  Sri Siddeshwara Govt. College, Naragunda, Gadag.
* Mohana R. Post Doc Fellow, Deccan College, Pune.
* Pradeepkumar Shetty K. Lecturer, Byndoor, Udupi.

Advisory Board

* Ravi Korisettar, SeniorArcheologist, Dharwad
* M. Jamuna, Senior Historian, Doddaballapur, Bengaluru Rural
* Vijay Poonacha Tambanda, Professor, Kannada University, Hampi
* Rahamath Tarikere, Professor, Kannada University, Hampi
* S. K. Aruni, Regional Director, ICHR, Bengauru


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Itihasa Darpana Experimental Issue 2008

Itihasa Darpana Book 17

Itihasa Darpana Book 18

Itihasa Darpana Book 20

Itihasa Darpana Book 21-22

Itihasa Darpna Book 26

Itihasa Darpana Book 27

Itihasa Darpana Book 28

Itihasa Darpana Book 29

Itihasa Darpana Book 44-45

Itihasa Darpana Book 46-47

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